Radiohead 5.29.12

Recently the band and crew got the opportunity to see Radiohead live at the Comcast Center in Mansfield, NH.  So we met up at the Groton embassy of travel (some less informed people might call it the Shaw’s parking lot), hit up Cravens for some of the beast and took off down 495.  Spun some jams from the kid’s station on satellite radio.  Don’t worry about it.  Hit the parking lot of the Comcast HAURD (hard).  Played a little footsack and got hustled by some punks for a couple of styrofoam cups.  We thought they just wanted to hack it up.  Weak.  Finally headed into this place and it was completely packed.  We had lawn tickets and I was stepping on blankets, bags, arms, legs, children, everything trying to get in there.  Absolutely worth it though, these guys know how to put on a show.  They had maybe ten big LCD screens hanging above the band that all could move independently of each other playing videos.  The entire backdrop of the stage was a gigantic screen as well.  Each song had it’s own color scheme that all of the videos and lights adhered to.  Nuts.  Just watching Thom Yorke gesticulate around the stage like he just got tasered in the face would’ve been worth the money.  And that band is as tight as any band you’ll ever see.  Every song was album-quality with not a part missing as well.  From those haunting-ass strings in Pyramid Song to the backwards vocal samples in Everything in its Right Place.  Some others I remember hearing were 15 Step, Weird Fishes, Bodysnatchers, Bloom, Morning Mr. Magpie, Feral, National Anthem, Idioteque, Myxomatosis…and…uhh…more.  Whiskey is a hell of a drug.  Anyways, excellent show.  If you get the chance to see these guys, don’t pass it up.


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